Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What’s the Hype with Mineral Makeup? (part 2 of 2)


Another thing with mineral makeup is that it tends to be more convenient for some women.  Mineral foundations can also be used  as concealer, powder and sunscreen.  Aside from these,  because of the component of the makeup it is water- resistant.  You can go ahead and swim in the pool for 80 minutes and still find your makeup intact.

Mineral makeup users claim that when they are using mineral cosmetics, the skin looked younger, firmer and flawless.  This kind of makeup is said to relieve the skin of the effect of the use of traditional cosmetics.  These minerals claim to put the glow back to the skin.

One of the skin problems among women are wrinkles.  Wrinkles can be attributed to sun and overexposure to it.  Mineral makeup is able to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  The good thing is that mineral cosmetics do not use chemicals to do protect the skin.  Chemical use could cause more skin problems in the future.

Mineral makeup has been both applauded by women and at the same tie receive criticisms from some experts.  Some experts say that the hype with mineral makeup is really unnecessary.  Since some of the minerals like titanium oxide has long been used for sunscreen.  As a matter of fact,  mineral makeup has been introduced in 1970s, but it is only noticed now.

The trend that people are looking for healthier alternative is pushing mineral makeup on top of the cosmetic list.  With people putting more attention to their health and welfare, they are becoming more conscious on choices they make with what they eat and what they put into their body.  This trend is making it possible for people to live healthy and wisely.

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