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Walk Back Through Time: Spotting Kauai Museums (part 2 of 2)

Hoopulapula Haraguchi Mill is locatd at Hanalei at the north shore of Kauai. The Kauai museum is the lone rice mill left in Hawaii found inside a National Wildlife Refuge at Hanalei Valley. The place is usually not open to the public although you can occasionally have the opportunity to know more about Hawaii’s agriculture and cultural lifestyle dating back 130 years ago. You can also witness some rare wildlife species like native waterbirds and the various ways to grow and use taro, a Polynesian crop.

Other Fascinating Museums

Kauai Children’s Discovery Museum is located at the Kauai Village Shopping Center in Kapa’a and is the ideal educational experience for kids and the entire family. This place offers kids and parents to enjoy various activities and stories. The lessons are very hands-on and particularly focus on letting children understand Kauai’s unique and interesting background.

Kokee Natural History Museum is located at Kokee State Park at Kekaha and is also recommended for big groups and families. The museum promotes and sparks interest about the island’s natural history, wonders as well as the entire Hawaiian archipelago. Seminars, workshops and events are held occasionally. Shops are available as well.

Waioli Mission House Museum is located at Hanalei on the north shore of the island. The Kauai museum used to be a missionary house built in 1837 and restored in 1921. You will find historic furnishings, native plants and trees and traditional Hawaiian horticulture in the old structure.

Guided tours are available with no admission fees required. West Kauai Technology & Visitor Center is at Kaumualili Highway, Waimea provides a modern approach to educating tourists about the many facets of the island and its people. Multimedia presentations, guided walking tours and other state-of-the-art facilities are available.

Walk Back Through Time: Spotting Kauai Museums (part 1 of 2)

If you want to discover the different events and legends that occured in the past 2000 years of Kauai’s existence, there are still many proofs and hints available to this day. Kauai museums hold several architectural treasures, artifacts and other evidences of the various important happenings in Hawaiian past as well as showcase how ancient villagers and tribes used to live in this vast tropical paradise.

Agricultural History

Kauai actually has a very rampant agricultural lifestyle. Early Polynesian explorers brought many unique plants and herbs that are still existent today. Several farmers and workers used to tend plantations and fields with products such as corn, sugarcane, coconut, rice and a variety of fruits and vegetables. The Faye Museum at Kaumualili Highway, Waimea is a single-room location at Waimea Plantation Cottages that contain exhibits and pictures of H.P. Faye, a pioneer sugar planter at West Kauai.

The Norwegian immigrant arrived in 1880 and began a small plantation at Mana which established Kakaha Sugar and Kokee Ditch Systems. Two more generations followed and continued to manage the plantation. You get to see the intricate drainage canals that serve the big swamps of Mana. Admission is free.

Grove Farm Museum at Lihue is that oldest intact sugar plantation in Hawaii. It was originally acquired by George Wilcox in 1864, the son of missionary educators. You will see some original structures and furnishings that were used from 1864 to 1978. Guided tours are available by reservation plus a $10 requested donation for adults and a $5 donation for children ages 5 to 12 years old.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Brother Knitting Machines (part 2 of 2)

This problem is taken care in the electronic version of the brother knitting machine. An electronic machine can produce patterns with one stitch to around 200 stitches. This is the total number of needles in a standard-gauge machine. Hence we can say that the machine produces knitted projects which are as wide as the total number of needles. If you buy a bulky version of the machine then you can produce a piece that is about 144 stitches wide.

The brother knitting machines can be used to produce patterns and pieces of various stitches without any extra efforts. The fairisle pattern, single or multicolored tuck stitch, slip or skip pattern and so on can be easily done on this machine. You can even use laces like the drop lace, thread lace, normal lace or a fine lace to create exquisite patterns. The laces used to decorate your knitted piece can be knitted into your piece using this machine.

The brother knitting machine can also be used to weave, and knit reversible patterns. The machine can be affixed with external attachments like ribber attachments, which is used to undertake jacquard knitting. This type of knitting is similar to fairisle knitting but without any floats.

The electronic brother knitting machine can be used to create patterns that are uploaded on the web. By using a personal computer you can easily scan patterns, download patterns and then use them for your knitting projects. The machine has an optional garter carriage which can be used to knit and purl in the same row.

If you use a single bed machine then you are free to do your other work while the machine knits for you. The automatic version uses one color yarn at a time; this accessory is only available with the standard gauge machines.

The brother kitting machine also has optional extra accessories like ribber attachments, four color changer, garter bar and so. But when ever buying a machine always buy it from original distributors to get the high quality machines.

Hence by using these knitting machines you can easily create master pieces, to be gifted to your loved ones or to start your own household business.

Brother Knitting Machines (part 1 of 2)

As we all know knitting can be carried out in two ways, mainly hand knitting and machine knitting. If you are looking for good quality machine to create exquisite knitted objects then go for the brother knitting machine. The brother knitting machines are a big name in the world of knitting machine manufactures. The machine is known for its quality and the beautiful items it produces.

The brother knitting machines are Japanese made. As the latest technology is used to prepare these machines, you will get the updated and latest patterns by using the machine. The machines are available in two types mainly punch card machine and the electronic machines.  If you are planning to use this machine for households then buy a standard gauge machine with 200 needles that are 4.5 mm apart. But if you plan to start a business then buy a bulk machine with 114 needles that are 9mm apart.

The distance between every needle determines the thickness of the yarn that can be used in the brother knitting machines. The farther apart the needles the thicker the yarn, and closer the needles, thinner is the yarn that is used. You can use thicker yarns, in a standard-gauge brother knitting machine, as it uses alternate needles for knitting; you can also every third needle if the yarn is thicker. But this decreases the needles available for knitting, and because of this the width of the knitted piece becomes narrower.

The punch card brother knitting machine can produce patterns which are around 224 stitches wide. You can repeat this pattern across the whole width of the piece or use it to create motifs in specific parts of the piece. But the only problem with this machine is that you have to create knitted items that are either 24 stitches wide or in a number that is evenly divided into 24.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Atlanta Landscape Architect (part 2 of 2)

Some other Landscape architect firms in Atlanta provide various specialty services like interior landscaping, green roofing, ponds, outdoor lighting, lawn design, and recreational design and so on. They also provide some special landscape designs that need less maintenance.

Atlanta landscape architects also provide removal services like tree removal, stump and root removal, lot clearing, hazardous removal etc. They provide quality service in this work. They help you by removing these problems without any damage to the nearby buildings.

Most of the landscape architecture firms in Atlanta provide various irrigation systems like sprinkler system and other irrigation services. They help in irrigating plants, lawns and trees in park, recreation or other public places with comparatively less amount of water. Their irrigation plan is environment friendly and so the design earns better reputation among people and Government agencies.

The landscape architect firms in Atlanta offer superior quality service. They provide great attention to detail and design. They have rich knowledge in selecting the materials used for various landscapes. They also provide wide variety of designs for enclosed and screened porches. They also help in selecting right furniture for outdoor landscape.

Since these architects are willing to provide an array of low maintenance landscape designs, you can select anyone that suits your dream and budget easily. There are some award winning landscape architect firms in Atlanta.

You can also select such firms in order to get an innovative design plan to fulfill your dream.

Atlanta Landscape Architect (part 1 of 2)

There are so many landscape architecture and graphic design firms in Atlanta. The landscape architects of these firms create innovative landscape designs. Atlanta landscape architects are specialists in striking balance between natural surroundings and built environment. They offer customized design plants to clients. They also grant landscape design patterns perfectly – no matter whether the design is traditional or contemporary, formal or casual.

Atlanta landscape architects offer dedicated and timely service to clients. Quality service is the first and foremost commitment of these architects. They maintain good relationship with clients, contractors and suppliers.

Some of the special services offered by Atlanta landscape architects are listed below:

The landscape architect firms in Atlanta specialize in distinctive garden designs for various clients. Their garden designs suit the tastes, styles and needs of the clients. In fact garden in home is not a place simply for plants. You can relax yourself in your garden after long hours of working in a stuffy office. You can enjoy a night party or dinner in the garden. You can even cook in the outdoor with the help of garden grill. Atlanta landscape architects help to make your dreams a reality.

The highly trained experts of Atlanta landscape architect firms help you make specialty gardens like shaded, wild life, butterfly, cutting flower, cottage, and garden kitchen and so on. You can also seek their help to maintain a container garden in your patio or front porch that can make your home really appealing.

They also help you select trees, shrubs, perennial and draught tolerant plants. You can get tips from them with respect to garden maintenance. They can also arrange for excellent garden lighting. They can provide environmentally friendly landscape design.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Details Of California Living Will Forms (part 2 of 2)

Just to be sure, you may also appoint an alternate surrogate to take on the task of deciding on your behalf in case your original choice is not around or unwilling to perform his or her duties. Obviously, your health care surrogate must not be an employee/operator of the health care facility you are receiving care from – except if he or she is a co-worker or a relative.

Unless your living will explicitly restricts the power of your health care surrogate, he or she may formulate all types of medical treatment decisions for you. If you wish to impose such limitations in authority, you may do so by indicating that wish in writing. Then again, if you intend to be completely dependent on that person's ability to choose what is best for you, then placing restrictions would be pointless.

"Part 2" of the living will form permits you to provide detailed instructions pertaining to any facet of your medical care – with or without a health care surrogate. Options are typically supplied to you so that you can properly covey your desires concerning the withholding, withdrawal or provision of treatment to prolong your life. This also includes pain relief measures – or the lack thereof.

Appropriate space is also made available for you in case you want to write down additional instructions that are not presented in the choices. However, if you've already appointed a health care surrogate and is quite confident about his or her decision-making abilities, then completing this part of the living will form would not be necessary.

The third part of the form allows you to state your intent to donate your organs and/or tissues in the event of your death. "Part 4", on the other hand, lets you select and name the physician who will be primarily responsible for your health care and treatment.

After accomplishing the correct form, the date and your signature should be affixed at the end of the document. Aside from that, the law that regulates California living will forms essentially requires the presence of two eligible witnesses or a Notary Public during the signing. You also have the right to annul or alter the contents of the living will at any time.

The Details Of California Living Will Forms (part 1 of 2)

The California Probate Code Section 4701 regulates all types of advance health care directive in the state. If you have plans about making one for yourself, you may want to get to know what California living will forms are all about and what they normally contain.

Basically, a living will is a legal document that contains advance directives with regard to medical treatment. The form, once properly signed and filled out, becomes legally binding and takes effect in case of hospitalization – particularly if the patient falls into an awful and incapacitated condition.

For its contents to be acknowledged and implemented by a health care provider, the drafting of the living will should be consistent with the rules of the state regarding such documents.

In the state of California, you – as well as its entire populace – have the right to give out advance directive about your own medical care. In addition, you are entitled to appoint a particular person to act as your advocate or surrogate in making treatment decisions in case you fall into a persistent coma or terminal illness.

Several other rights are indicated in the state-specific form. So before you actually draw up your living will, try to be familiar with your options first – including the specific contents and parts of the appropriate health care directive form.

The "Part 1" of the living will form is the Power of Attorney. It allows you to assign another person – called a health care surrogate – to formulate health care determinations on your behalf in the event that you become incapable of participating in the decision-making process. Then again, your surrogate may also assume the responsibility in case you demonstrate or express unwillingness to decide for your own medical treatment.

Monday, November 16, 2015

How to put up a magazine publishing company (part 2 of 2)
1.Look for a good market of readers

With a lot of magazines available, it will be hard to find a target of readers that have not been addressed yet. And if ever, you find one, chances are the magazine for that niche was already created years ago, only that it did not work. But hey, nobody said that you too will not succeed. When you look for target readers do not just stop on the demographics. Research on the articles that they want to see in magazines. Zero in on the products that they feel they will be able to use.  You can even make a survey on the people that they want to be featured or the people in the field that they look up to.

2. Look for famous columnists

One secret to promoting your magazine and thus ensuring the success of the venture is to look for famous people in the industry. Their names are often enough to pull some readers into buying your magazine. They will also be able to help in marketing your magazine through word of mouth and industry news. Once everybody finds out that a recognized expert in the field is writing for a magazine, they will buy the mag, even just out of curiosity. It will be a nice start.


Even with the biggest name in the field in your magazine, without good content, your magazine will go nowhere. The number one selling point of any magazine are the articles that you will find within. Remember that having big names is just the introduction. What you need is to sustain the interest with features that they can relate to and use. To do this, you also need to hire good writers in the field. Pick one who does not only write well but one who has interests in the field.

How to put up a magazine publishing company (part 1 of 2)

Magazine publishing is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. More and more people are getting into the magazine publishing business, acknowledging the widening influence and scope of magazines. You only need to look around to see just where the industry stands now.

When before there are only magazines for beauty and clothes, now there are magazines for every conceivable subject in the planet. There are magazine for crafters and those who are gaga over scrapbooking. There is one about coin collection and antiques. There is even one that tackles the not so well known subject of ikebana.

Magazines have started to do niche marketing where they target specific readers. This is easier to do as few people will need to be informed about it.  Marketing, advertising and sales will not be as huge a deal as the marketing involved with magazines that have a diverse target market. In fact because of this, magazines that target a town or a community are also being put up to cater to smaller readers.

But putting up a magazine publishing is not as simple as it seems. It is hard to do and sometimes a headache to organize. But if you know the market and already know what to expect, starting a magazine can actually be easy to do. Here are some tips on how to put up a magazine publishing without having to go through the aches and pains in the head.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Unlocking the 3g iPhone (part 2 of 2)
iPhone users who love playing retro games such as Mario Brothers, Pacman, Sonic, and classic games will benefit a lot from unlocked iPhones. Some people are not very good in following strict rules and Apple does have strict rules regarding proper iPhone use. If you’re not that kind of person, then unlocking your iPhone will do you good.

The decision is up to the owner whether he or she will unlock the iPhone or not. There are advantages as well as disadvantages. If you think that the advantages of unlocking iPhones outweigh that of simply sticking to a locked iPhone, then you may proceed. The unlocking process takes just a few minutes and after that, you can already enjoy downloading new ringtones and apps outside the App Store.

Unlocking a 3g iPhone is not really hard and in fact, you can even do it on your own. There are lots of instruction resources online that you can find about iPhone unlocking. Find the resources and you can carry out the task in minutes. Still, if you’re not that good in handling gadgets like the iPhone, it would be best to have somebody do it for you; someone who is experienced in unlocking iPhones, particularly iPhone 2.0.  

If you have your own preference when it comes to carriers and GSM networks, hurry and unlock your iPhone now. You’re not alone in the world. In fact, more and more iPhone users want to unlock their iPhones to enjoy unlimited access to third party apps.

There are times when iPhone owners don’t like the new apps released by Apple or they don’t find the new apps functional, may be because it doesn’t suit them. If this is the case, no harm can be done if you unlock the iPhone. Remember, if you can’t do it on your own, have a professional do it for you.

Unlocking the 3g iPhone (part 1 of 2)

iPhone 2.0’s official carrier is AT&T. However, not all individuals are satisfied with AT&T or they simply want to choose the same carrier that their family and friends and using. That is no longer a problem because the 3g iPhone can now be unlocked. By unlocking the iPhone, you’re free to choose the carrier.

There are lots of carriers all over the world aside from AT&T. Once your iPhone is unlocked, you can keep using the AT&T network or you can use other carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Fido, Telefonica, Tracfone O2, Tim, Rogers, DiGi, Oi, Swisscom, Cellone, Telenor, Si Mobile, Cellcom, Starhub, Optimus, MoviStar, etc.

The reason why a lot of iPhone 2.0 users want to unlock their iPhone is because they want to avoid the 2-year expensive contracts, overpriced plans, outrageous and hidden fees, and the roaming charges.

Another advantage of unlocking the 3g iPhone is that you can run whatever app you like. This will give you the opportunity to choose third party apps and even patches. In doing so, you don’t have to stick with the App Store of Apple when getting new apps. Unlocked iPhones will allow the users to personalize their gadgets according to their personal tastes. They can also access free apps and other special ringtones.

If you have plans of reselling your iPhone, unlocking it is a very good idea because it increases the value by $200. Unlocked iPhones are more expensive than locked ones. Check out the various online stores and you will find out.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Business Branding Strategies and Tips (part 2 of 2)
Slogan or Tagline

Once you have the logo that you want, you can think of a slogan that will reinforce the message you are trying to communicate to the consumers. As long as you keep this part brief and straightforward, then this can be an effective branding tool for your business. This tagline will serve as an additional touch to the main message you are trying to give, thus giving you an edge over your competitors and highlighting the unique experience or service that consumers will be able to avail of.

One advantage that you can get with including a tagline is that it is not permanent, unlike the logo. Therefore, if your company wishes to employ a new marketing strategy, you can readily change your tagline to highlight this new marketing ploy. A tagline then opens up several opportunities to expand your marketing campaigns, as compared to the static nature of company logos because they are the ones more difficult to establish.

Colors and Images

As with logos, colors and images can be used to establish the identity of your business. Colors depict a corresponding set of emotions as well. Therefore, you need to carefully pick out exactly what type of color you are going to use in your logo in accordance with the image and personality of your business. Try to conduct a little bit of research about the different qualities of color types so you can determine exactly what best to use for your company.

Unique Services

When communicating your company brand into the market, highlight the services that only you can offer. If you can guarantee a service that none of your competition can, then you create an edge on your customers over the same businesses. Then, you can use that as a chief marketing strategy to draw more people into your business. An example of this would be a time guarantee on your delivery services, if you're in the food business.

Learning how to effectively employ these business branding strategies will help boost your company's campaign and be that much closer to your desired business success.

Business Branding Strategies and Tips (part 1 of 2)

Employing proper business branding strategies could spell the success for your business. Although it might be an intangible aspect of your business, it is basically what convinces people to buy or avail of your products or services. And when you garner enough sales, then only then can your business thrive.

What is a Branding Strategy?

A brand is not just a logo or a name, it represents your business identity. Therefore, it is a crucial part of the startup process for any business. Branding strategies are employed to provide the fundamental steps and recognize the valuable tools that will help create a strong business brand. In general terms, a strong brand is one that people recognize and believe to deliver good quality. Have you ever found yourself at the grocery choosing one product over the other because it is the more recognized or trusted brand?

It is therefore a branding strategy's objective to recognize what could turn your business into a trusted brand name. How can you make people trust your brand and its reputation? What should you do to communicate the objective and mission of your company? What is the message you are trying to send out to produce loyal customers? A sound business branding strategy will aim to find answers to these questions before you can establish a brand for your company that would excel in the market.

Create Name, Logo, or Website

Coming up with a name for your business goes hand in hand with creating a logo that will identify your company. When it comes to logos, always opt for something unique. Logos will be utilized in your advertising and marketing campaigns, so it must be well-recognized.

For beginners, think of a logo that will readily hint consumers about the nature of your business – such as whether you are in the food, automotive, or telecommunications business. Hence, choose images that are associated with the nature of your business and the products they will be used to represent.

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Tips When Choosing Equipment and Materials for Dressmaking (part 2 of 2)
• Invest in dressmakers’ shears. Scissors can definitely make the job done, but if you intend to cut leather, denim, or other harder materials, you need to buy scissors with serrated edges---shears. Put the shears into their plastic sheaths after use to maintain the sharpness and good quality. Do not use your sewing scissors and shears for other purposes other than cutting fabrics when making dresses.

• Buy tailors’ chalk. When cutting fabrics to the shape of patterns, use tailors’ chalk instead of pens. Such markers are ideal for marking course materials and fabrics like suede, denim, and leather. Tailors’ chalk can also be easily removed after the dress is done.

• Use paper scissors when making paper patterns. As mentioned, do not use shears and scissors designated for cutting fabrics in cutting paper, plastic, or other materials. As an added tip, you should put together your sewing tools in a kit or box so that nothing will be misplaced.

• Invest in different colors and types of threads. Dressmaking can never be possible without threads. These are the materials that will put fabrics together. It is wise to buy different types of threads in different colors available. Use threads with colors that match the color of the fabrics to be used. Ordinary sewing threads are not ideal to be used for sewing leather, denims, and other hard materials.

• Pencils and rulers should not be forgotten. Tailors’ chalk can assume the job. But in most cases, pencils and rulers are still useful, especially when doing garment repair or alteration jobs. Pencils and rulers are not actually necessities for dressmaking, but you will surely not regret including them in your kit.

In the future, when you are already too familiar and skilled in dressmaking, you surely can proceed to doing the job without the use of these two trustworthy old friends.

Tips When Choosing Equipment and Materials for Dressmaking (part 1 of 2)

If you are trying out dressmaking or if you are already proficient in making outfits, you should know that choosing and using functional and good equipment and materials is important. You should not settle to use substandard machines and materials because you certainly do not want to make a substandard dress. Good choice can also make you enjoy the activity and avoid any unnecessary hassle.

You basically cannot make any dress on your own without using important and necessary tools. To help you get off the real mark, you have to invest in buying high-quality pieces of equipment and materials you need for doing the activity. To give you more ideas about choosing the right tools and materials for making a dress, here are several useful insights.

• Choose a good sewing machine. Modern sewing machines commercially available can facilitate sewing of intricate patterns into materials. In the past, sewing machines were only able to facilitate sewing hems and seams. More interestingly, despite modern features of the modern-day sewing machine, the equipment has also gotten more affordable. You could stick with the tried and tested brands.

• The tape measure is important because it is used to take body measurements. You can use plastic or paper tape measures. For more accuracy and reliability, there are linen tape measures available. Not only are tape measures used in taking waist, bust, and hip measurements. You can also use them when measuring alterations to your sewn dresses in the future.

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Power Of Eye Body Language (part 2 of 2)

On the other hand, looking down may mean that one is talking to himself, but this is more evident if there is also movement of the lips. It is also a signal of guilt or submission. Looking down on another person means that he is control of the situation or is talking to someone who is under his superiority.

Lateral eye movements can also indicate signs of dishonesty, distraction, or simply checking out the surroundings. When looking from one eye to the other then going up to the forehead, it means that you are looking at somebody with superiority. When going down to the nose, you are talking to someone within the level of your status. And when looking from one eye to the other and down to the lips, it indicates a sign of attraction or romance.

Eyes Expressions

Different emotions and mood can be expressed through gazing, glancing, winking, squinting, closing, and staring. Gazing indicates interest or concentration. Glancing indicates desire. For example, one glances at food. It means that has a desire to eat. Winking indicates an agreement, and it could also be a means of flirtation. A person would squint his eyes if he is uncertain or trying to evaluate or verify truthfulness. Closing the eyes means that the person wants a moment to be away from the world, or simply trying to remember. And lastly, staring indicates a state of shock, surprise or disbelief.

Eyes of Romance and Flirtation

You can use your eyes to show affection to another person. Winking is one way to flirt. The process of looking at someone, quickly looking away, and then staring back is an obvious indication of attraction. A lingering, warm gaze is also an indicator of romance or desire.

If you know how to read and understand the eye body language, you will know what the person you are conversing with would want to tell you. And, if you know how to properly use it, you can take control of any situation or know when is the proper timing to use different eye movements or expressions.

The Power Of Eye Body Language (part 1 of 2)

Cliché as it is, the eyes are indeed the windows of the soul. The eye body language is one of the most powerful mediums of nonverbal communication. It can either support or betray whatever you are saying. Even the slightest movement of the eye can indicate the biggest meaning.

Eye Contact

During a conversation, it is normal to have eye contact. It means differently in specific situations. Looking at a person directly to the eye means that you are interested in what he is saying. But the inability to take the eyes of another person when he or she is talking may also indicate doubt, suspicion, or lack of trust.

Appropriate use of eye contact also includes when to break eye contact. A long eye contact has many interpretations. It may mean a focused attention or sign of attraction. But this can sometimes be uncomfortable, thus the trick is to just look at the bridge of the nose. Long eye contact may also indicate a sign of authority or domination if one can do it without much blinking. However, prolonged eye contact may also pose as a threat, so breaking it from now and then is essential. But breaking it may indicate other meanings as well, such as situations wherein one wants to end the conversation, has been insulted or found out, or is being threatened.

Eye Movements

The eyes looking at different directions also have different meanings. When one looks up to the right, it means that he is imagining visual images.  Meanwhile, when he looks up to the left direction, it means that he is trying to recall a memory. However, there are still instances where it is in a reversed order, depending on the person. Try to test him first by asking him to recall a known memory and to picture out an event.