Thursday, November 26, 2015

Brother Knitting Machines (part 1 of 2)

As we all know knitting can be carried out in two ways, mainly hand knitting and machine knitting. If you are looking for good quality machine to create exquisite knitted objects then go for the brother knitting machine. The brother knitting machines are a big name in the world of knitting machine manufactures. The machine is known for its quality and the beautiful items it produces.

The brother knitting machines are Japanese made. As the latest technology is used to prepare these machines, you will get the updated and latest patterns by using the machine. The machines are available in two types mainly punch card machine and the electronic machines.  If you are planning to use this machine for households then buy a standard gauge machine with 200 needles that are 4.5 mm apart. But if you plan to start a business then buy a bulk machine with 114 needles that are 9mm apart.

The distance between every needle determines the thickness of the yarn that can be used in the brother knitting machines. The farther apart the needles the thicker the yarn, and closer the needles, thinner is the yarn that is used. You can use thicker yarns, in a standard-gauge brother knitting machine, as it uses alternate needles for knitting; you can also every third needle if the yarn is thicker. But this decreases the needles available for knitting, and because of this the width of the knitted piece becomes narrower.

The punch card brother knitting machine can produce patterns which are around 224 stitches wide. You can repeat this pattern across the whole width of the piece or use it to create motifs in specific parts of the piece. But the only problem with this machine is that you have to create knitted items that are either 24 stitches wide or in a number that is evenly divided into 24.

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