Friday, November 6, 2015

Tips When Choosing Equipment and Materials for Dressmaking (part 2 of 2)
• Invest in dressmakers’ shears. Scissors can definitely make the job done, but if you intend to cut leather, denim, or other harder materials, you need to buy scissors with serrated edges---shears. Put the shears into their plastic sheaths after use to maintain the sharpness and good quality. Do not use your sewing scissors and shears for other purposes other than cutting fabrics when making dresses.

• Buy tailors’ chalk. When cutting fabrics to the shape of patterns, use tailors’ chalk instead of pens. Such markers are ideal for marking course materials and fabrics like suede, denim, and leather. Tailors’ chalk can also be easily removed after the dress is done.

• Use paper scissors when making paper patterns. As mentioned, do not use shears and scissors designated for cutting fabrics in cutting paper, plastic, or other materials. As an added tip, you should put together your sewing tools in a kit or box so that nothing will be misplaced.

• Invest in different colors and types of threads. Dressmaking can never be possible without threads. These are the materials that will put fabrics together. It is wise to buy different types of threads in different colors available. Use threads with colors that match the color of the fabrics to be used. Ordinary sewing threads are not ideal to be used for sewing leather, denims, and other hard materials.

• Pencils and rulers should not be forgotten. Tailors’ chalk can assume the job. But in most cases, pencils and rulers are still useful, especially when doing garment repair or alteration jobs. Pencils and rulers are not actually necessities for dressmaking, but you will surely not regret including them in your kit.

In the future, when you are already too familiar and skilled in dressmaking, you surely can proceed to doing the job without the use of these two trustworthy old friends.

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